A Note to Press

This guidance has been adapted from a tool created by Maggie’s: Toronto’s Sex Workers Action Project found here. You may also find it useful to consult Sex Workers and Sex Work in South Africa: A Guide for Journalists and Writers, although it is tailored to the legal and policy environment of South Africa.

Thanks for your interest in the experiences of people who have advertised – and people in community with advertisers – on Rentboy.com, including lawyers, advertisers and community organizers. We need people like you to educate themselves about our life experiences, do research, study, listen and learn. It is possible to do all of this without exploiting people in the sex trades in the process. We have drafted a few questions to assist you in doing that.

Frequently, simply reading the ample research and journalism sex workers have already offered to the world would answer some or most of the questions we get.  There are extensive libraries of resources about and by sex workers.

Sometimes the project being proposed would be harmful and needs to be completely re-thought or shelved. Because we are committed to our communities, we work to ensure that any engagement with people in the sex trades won’t leave either individual people or the community as a whole worse off.

If you are still interested, please write hookup@riseup.net and include the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your relationship to escorting or the sex industry?
  2. What, if any, “angle” are you pursuing for a forthcoming piece? How will this information be collected (e.g., written piece, photographs, TV interview), and what conditions of anonymity are you willing to guarantee if requested by the interviewee as a condition of their involvement (e.g., e-mail interview, phone interview, video interview with silhouette and/or voice interference)?
  3. How, if at all, have people in the sex trades been involved in the creation of, planning and execution of this project or story?
  4. How do you believe that this project or story will directly benefit people in the sex trades?
  5. All work on people in the sex trades involves some risk to the people involved. How have you considered these risks and how will you prevent them?

If you are still interested in speaking with someone who formerly advertised on Rentboy.com, please write us at hookup@riseup.net and include the answers to the following questions, in addition to your name, contact information, availability in the next 48 hours, and press affiliation. This information will be shared with

Sometimes the work you are proposing could potentially exploit or harm sex workers while at the same time building your career, research funds, reputation, belief in your own authority and desire for adventure. Please consider this before contacting us and include answers to the questions above.

A Note to Press